How Well Does Yours Fit Into This List of the 7 Most Common Sexual Fantasies?

The subject of sex can give rise to a range of complex emotions. Even the most sex-positive people might have feelings of uncertainty and confusion when they consider the enticing, erotic mental images, sometimes known as sexual fantasies, they generate in their minds.

It is simple to become convinced that your innermost ideas are abnormal. However, it’s possible that even your most forbidden desires are normal and healthy. In fact, data points to the notion that people who have sexual fantasies may feel less anxious and more confident.

It’s quite acceptable to fantasize about having sex, and acting on a shared wish could even improve a relationship. Just make sure you and your partner set clear expectations and boundaries and abide by all sex and nudity laws in your area.

Examples of some of the most popular sexual fantasies are provided below.

Having a threesome:

This has no real surprises. Unbelievably, 89% of those polled (and no, it wasn’t only men) admitted to fantasizing about a threesome. It has been discovered that whereas straight women did not express a preference, straight men were more likely to fantasize about being in a threesome with two women.


It appears that more than half of us prefer it hard. According to the survey, 65% of respondents have fantasies about suffering pain like being bit, spanked, or having hot wax dripped on them. Women have “somewhat more frequent” inclinations to cede control to a spouse.

Change things up:

Many participants fantasized about switching up their bedroom antics, whether they were eager to switch roles, venues, or even partners. They might fantasize about having sex outside of the bedroom if they generally have it in bed, or if they are in a relationship, they might imagine doing business with the neighbor down the street.

Public sex:

If you’ve ever considered suggesting a quickie outside on the spur of the moment but decided against it, remember that the location was one of the major dreams for women. Most women “frequently” fantasize about engaging in sexual activity in situations where getting caught is possible. Best picks? The park, the office, and the elevator.

Open relationships:

Men are the only ones who have wandering eyes. Much of the research showed that 62% of women and 79% of men stated they would have sex with someone else if their partner allowed it. Another 58% of participants admitted they entertained the possibility of witnessing their partner having sex with someone else.

Meaningful sex:

We enjoy experiencing love. The majority of respondents, both men and women, claimed they long for “meaningful” sex, which makes them feel wanted, valued, and loved. It was also highly evaluated they felt “irresistible” and their bedroom performance was well-liked.

Same-sex encounters:

Do you fantasize about other men? More frequently than you might guess, 26% of straight males surveyed admitted to having fantasized about having sex with other men. Nearly 60% of heterosexual women admitted they have considered having sex with other women. 

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